Becoming a mom is some tough work!!  It feels like working three jobs is easier honestly.  No matter how many books you read, baby sitting sessions you do for friends or witness other women be mothers, nothing prepares you for the hands on experience than, well, hands on experience (just like everything else in life really).   When you don’t have a child you’re focusing on the desire of having one; imagining a little human call you “momma”.  It’s nice to daydream about building a family of your own.  I didn’t daydream about the restless nights, never ending chores, hot mess of a home, last minute rushes to the doctors office and extreme dirty piles of laundry that would accompany it though.  Then again, who daydreams about hardship?  Truth is, if we did, we probably wouldn’t do half the things we experience in our lifetime because every great endeavor comes with difficult moments attached to it.  The best advice I can give (to myself) is to embrace the experience.  Nothing lasts forever.  The home won’t always be upside down, eventually you’ll be able to sleep a full 8 hours again, the laundry will get done and the baby will grow up.  That’s the most important part:  the baby WILL grow up.  So enjoy your little one while you can:  spoil them with hugs and kisses, give them your undivided attention, sit and play with him/her for 30 minutes.  Build the bond.  After all, wasn’t that the whole point of having the child?  The other things will take care of itself at the proper time.




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