Food for Thought…

As I increase my conscientiousness and self awareness in order to become the person I wish to be, it’s syncing in even more what was meant by “you are who you associate with.” Humans are part of tribes. Naturally, we relate best and prefer to be around people who are similar to us. Hence the adage. This is why when you hope and aim for change it is recommended to network with people who are where you wish to be. It’s a lot easier to accomplish the goal when you keep it right in front of you: represented by your new friends and network.

So, if it’s true that you are who you hang around with, does that mean that there is a part of you in the people you know? And if that statement is accurate, does that also mean there’s a part of you in the people you know and dislike? What draws your attention to that kind of person? Is it possible you may have a similar trait? Ouch! Now that’s tough to swallow: The things I dislike in others is possibly something I possess too. This is a wonderful and new perspective to have because it helps recognize what we can improve in our own life. Reviewing one’s own traits is the first step to bringing about positive change. These are just some random evening thoughts as I analyze my own choices.

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