Food for Thought…

As I increase my conscientiousness and self awareness in order to become the person I wish to be, it’s syncing in even more what was meant by “you are who you associate with.” Humans are part of tribes. Naturally, we relate best and prefer to be around people who are similar to us. Hence the adage. This is why when you hope and aim for change it is recommended to network with people who are where you wish to be. It’s a lot easier to accomplish the goal when you keep it right in front of you: represented by your … Continue reading Food for Thought…

A Year Later…What I’ve Learned So Far

It’s been on my mind a lot lately:  motherhood is hard ya’ll.  You conjure up in your head what it must be like to parent a child, but it’s NEVER like the real deal.  It dawned on me that I did not account for all the challenges or hurdles that would come with parenting.  I mostly thought of all the good things that would happen or what I wanted to see happen.  Anyone else do that? My little one turned one in January and as she grows right in front of me I’ve been thinking about the past year.  My … Continue reading A Year Later…What I’ve Learned So Far


Becoming a mom is some tough work!!  It feels like working three jobs is easier honestly.  No matter how many books you read, baby sitting sessions you do for friends or witness other women be mothers, nothing prepares you for the hands on experience than, well, hands on experience (just like everything else in life really).   When you don’t have a child you’re focusing on the desire of having one; imagining a little human call you “momma”.  It’s nice to daydream about building a family of your own.  I didn’t daydream about the restless nights, never ending chores, hot … Continue reading Motherhood

Getting it Together

The main reason I am creating this site is to release the thoughts from my mind and physically putting it somewhere.  Like everyone else in life, I don’t know what I am doing.  I am just hoping that the decisions I make are worthwhile and the best ones for my life experience while I’m here.  I used to think everyone else in the world had their lives figured out until a good friend of mine amidst a deep life conversation said to me “Gizell, no one has it figured out.  Everyone is just trying to make do.”  We were in … Continue reading Getting it Together

5 Things to Avoid When Trying to Get Out of Debt

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get your financial fitness on.  I realized while trying to pursue this goal myself, there are a few things to definitely avoid in order to successfully achieve this goal.  I think you will find these helpful too: 1. Continue using your credit cards to live your lifestyle.  Let’s face it….if you were great at managing money you wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.  So if you really want to get out of debt, this first step is key!!  Statistics show that 75% of American household’s major financial concern is credit … Continue reading 5 Things to Avoid When Trying to Get Out of Debt