Hi my name is Gizell and welcome to my blog!  A few months ago I left my stable corporate job to take a risk on MYSELF.  The best risk you can ever take if you ask me.  I am on a happiness pursuit and want to make my dreams of connecting with the world a reality.  On this site I plan to discuss my beauty obsessions (which giiiiiirrrrrl and duuuuude is A LOT), financial advice for living a more fruitful and secure life (throwing my corporate experience in the mix) and self-improvement tips for becoming a better and happier you (a subject I am deeply fascinated with).  I hope you find the content useful and inspirational in your own life.  I would love to hear from you!  Please send me any questions or comments on topics you would love to read or enjoyed reading.  And if you didn’t like one of my posts I would love to hear from you too!  All feedback is accepted 😀